How the innovative design cat furniture Buddy works

Buddy is a flexible cat furniture, which can be adapted perfectly to the needs of the animals by changeable floors. Its versatile use includes its use as a sleeping and playground, as a retreat or also for claw care. Robust push buttons offer an intelligent solution for quickly and easily removing, replacing and cleaning the shelves from the basic elements. Depending on the space required, two basic sizes can be combined with each other. In addition, a colour matching to the respective home furnishings and individual preferences is possible. Made of purely natural material, the Buddy cat furniture is eco-friendly and sustainable.

Sensory cat path

A box with six senses – The “cat path” is a sensory path specially designed for cats. It offers the animals new tasks and variety through changeable soils. With petsinboxes®’s push-button system, the shelves can be removed, replaced or washed from the cat furniture using the artificial leather loops. This special feature is especially beneficial for domestic cats and helps to keep them healthy.


The use of natural materials has a positive effect on the sense of smell of cats. Optionally, treats can be placed in designated hiding places within the cat furniture, which the animals must playfully hunt.



Easily changeable surfaces make it possible to activate the sense of touch as required. You can choose between sisal, artificial leather, synthetic fur and coconut. Depending on the temperament and the needs of the animals, these can be selected for the cat furniture.



A choice of buddy fronts provides for changing lighting conditions within the cat furniture. The cats like to accept the resulting hiding places and sharpen their sense of sight.



The different module depths of the cat furniture are not only visually appealing. They also create narrow protrusions that invite you to strengthen your sense of balance.



Hearing is one of the most important cat senses and is therefore particularly considered in the cat furniture Buddy. A number of interchangeable shelves that produce different noises stimulate and train the sense of hearing.



Through sisal and coconut mats the cats have the possibility to care for their claws independently. Both materials are ideal for this purpose. At the same time it is ensured that the animals do not use any other furniture to trim their hunting instruments.

claw care


The Base Buddy

Our little buddy is available
in sizes S, M and L.

The Big Buddy

The big buddy is available in only one depth.


The small Buddy

Size references

Module small

Height: 34 cm
Width: 39,5 cm


S: 34 cm (with front cover 35 cm)
M: 44 cm (with front cover 45 cm)
L: 54 cm (with front cover 55 cm)

The big Buddy

Size references

Module large

Height: 68 cm
Width: 79 cm


49 cm (with front cover 50 cm)

Wood species

Paulownia Wood


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The silky, shiny Paulownia wood originally comes from East Asia, but was also introduced in Europe around 1830. In contrast to many other precious woods, Paulownia was adapted to the prevailing climatic conditions here and can be cultivated in Germany since then.

Despite its lightness and soft surface, it is classified as hardwood and therefore very stable. The Paulownia tree grows much faster than oak and teak. It produces as much wood mass in 12 years as an oak in about 80 years. The wood of the tree weighs only about 35% of oak and has a twice as high load-bearing capacity. The Paulownia is therefore sustainable and is considered the “wood of the future” for its outstanding properties, which is why we have chosen it as the material for our cat furniture.

The medium-density fibreboard (MdF) is made of domestic wood in combination with glue and is largely resistant to moisture. The material properties include high load-bearing capacity and durability, which is why it is suitable for our cat furniture and is also mainly used in other areas of furniture construction.


Surface finish

We use for our cat furniture the Volvox® proAqua
Coloured varnishes. The stylish water-based paints are free of harmful substances,
health-friendly, ecologically harmless and scratch-resistant.
Cat furniture made of Paulownia glued wood, which has its natural colour.
are treated with liquid beeswax or
Wood butter (made from vegetable and 100% natural raw materials)
finished. The final surface treatment protects, nourishes
and maintains the wood and it also remains breathable.

You found your favorite buddy.
but you want it in a different color?
No problem, just write us!


cordoba blue


midnight blue


porcelain white

mambo queen



the concept

From the idea to the best
Friend of your pet

The idea of developing a changeable and modern piece of furniture for pets was born in 2016 when the two British Shorthair males Buddy and Terence came into our family. Experience has shown that a new idea arises from a situation in which you reach a limit. In our case it describes the difficulty of finding high-quality and affordable cat furniture in an appealing design. By chance our founding member Nathalie Böhning got the opportunity to develop an innovative cat furniture within the scope of her design studies, which meets these requirements.

“My aim was to develop cat furniture that stimulates and promotes all of the cat’s main senses (sense of smell, touch, balance, hearing and sight), and at the same time blends into the living room in a modern and stylish way and offers your pets a home. In short, I wanted to create something that would replace the traditional scratching posts and still be affordable. Cats often go to the same familiar places to sleep and relax, but always want to discover something new while playing.

This gave me the idea of equipping the cat furniture with a changeable sensory path. Various shelves, which stimulate the senses of the cats, can be attached by push buttons. The animals experience their home again and again and are animated to play, which offers in particular pure house cats a completely special experience.

The products have been tested by our friends’ cats and our two British Shorthair cats Buddy and Terence. A special focus was on the materials and the “feel-good factor” of the animals. In addition, it was important to us that the materials for our handmade, purely natural products could be procured quickly within Germany.
Cat is not just a cat – the possibility to adapt the furniture to the respective preferences of a cat or to align it to several cats makes the cat furniture Buddy an innovative companion for your pets.


You want to supply your Buddy with Fur, Imitation Leather, Coconut scratch Mat and more?

For our cat boxes we use Volvox pro Aqua coloured lacquers. These are based on water and are free of harmful substances, health friendly – ecologically harmless and all this in stylish colours!





Mambo Queen

Porcelain White


Cordoba Blue






Midnight Blue